Assassins of the Lost Kingdom Sample Chapter! (Part 1)

Loyal fans of Airship Daedalus, here is the first of two parts of a sample chapter from Assassins of the Lost Kingdom by E.J. Blaine, coming in November 2016… – Chapter 3 – The Ponderby estate wasn’t so different... Read More →

Radio Adventures!

AEGIS Tales v1 CD
NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & DRIVETHRUFICTION! Both volumes of the Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures are available on CD and... Read More →

Q&A: Caerley Hill

The woman behind several voices in the Airship Daedalus and AEGIS Tales radio adventures, the lovely and talented Caerley... Read More →


Greetings, Junior Field Agents!  It’s been awhile but the redesigned site is up and running!  Here you will find... Read More →