Q&A: E.J. Blaine

Author E.J. Blaine resides in a suburb of Washington, DC with his wife and brand new baby daughter.  He’s so prolifically busy that he resisted our requests for an interview for some time, and has rarely been photographed in... Read More →

Radio Adventures!

AEGIS Tales v1 CD
NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & DRIVETHRUFICTION! Both volumes of the Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures are available on CD and... Read More →

Q&A: Caerley Hill

The woman behind several voices in the Airship Daedalus and AEGIS Tales radio adventures, the lovely and talented Caerley... Read More →


Greetings, Junior Field Agents!  It’s been awhile but the redesigned site is up and running!  Here you will find... Read More →