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Some folks have asked about the fictional Gold Star company (sponsor of the Airship Daedalus and AEGIS Tales radio adventures), and we’ve decided to answer them in a FAQ post here…

Q: Is there any relation between Gold Star and the Crowley’s Silver Star Society from the comic?
A: No. Gold Star is a fictional American manufacturer of household goods, while the Astrum Argentum (Silver Star) is/was Aleister Crowley’s mystical organization. There is no connection other than being named for a precious metal.

Q: In the first episode of the AEGIS Tales radio show, the announcer implores the audience to make their home “a Gold Star home”. Is this in reference to the service flags American households hung in their windows to signify a family member serving in wartime? And if so, isn’t that a bit dour as an advertising message?
A: A few things to keep in mind, as the message could absolutely be misinterpreted that way. First, the AEGIS/Daedalus universe is an alternate to our own, so not every historical detail will necessarily track. Secondly, even given an approximation to the timeline of America’s involvement in the Great War (1917-1919), rules for the use of service flags were not codified until the end of WWWII, well after the period presented in these radio shows. The creators of the Airship Daedalus and AEGIS Tales audio programs have the utmost respect for our military families, past and present.  Any reference to making one’s home “Gold Star” is simply an ad campaign to stock one’s home with products manufactured by the Gold Star company.

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