Assassins of the Lost Kingdom!

July, 1926 finds ace pilot Jack McGraw and scientist Dorothy “Doc” Starr hot on the trail of evil agents murdering prominent captains of industry—a trail that leads them to face an old enemy they thought vanquished. With the backing of Thomas Edison’s A.E.G.I.S. foundation, Jack and Doc fly their light reconnaissance airship Daedalus to the Himalayas, where a deeper mystery unfolds.

Together with their crewmates, they delve into local customs and ancient lore surrounding the “Eye of the World”, a hidden kingdom in the heart of the mountains known as Shambala, where the only antidote to the world’s deadliest poison still grows wild.

Based on the Airship Daedalus comic strip by Todd Downing and Brian Beardsley, Assassins of the Lost Kingdom is book #2 in the Airship Daedalus series, and the first novel from author E.J. Blaine, who brings the fun and excitement of classic adventure stories to the fore. Mobsters, mad science, secret societies, occult threats, and lost worlds meet globe-trotting, sky-high aerial action and two-fisted heroism, like the pulp novels of old!

Airship Daedalus: Assassins of the Lost Kingdom has everything you’d hope for in a pulp adventure. Crafted in the mold of its predecessors from the 1920s, the book has a bit of everything. Adventure, intrigue, danger — and most of all, atmosphere. I’d recommend it to fans looking for hints of late-era steampunk, 1920s pulp adventures, Indiana Jones, or just people looking for a fun, fast adventure.”
– Jeffrey Cook,
author of the Dawn of Steam trilogy


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