AEGIS Tales Radio Adventures – NEW Episodes!

aegis-tales-golden-city_72NOW AVAILABLE!
AEGIS Tales volumes 3 & 4!  “Airship Daedalus – The Golden City”
Early spring, 1927 – Retrieval of a magical Celtic artifact from an ancient tomb leads to an encounter with a revitalized Silver Star and their new supercarrier airship, Osiris.  The crew of a newly-designed Daedalus III must fight their way through storms, enemy fighter pilots, fascist secret police, dissolving agents and resurrected mummies to trace the route of Commander Edward “Duke” Willis and his airship Percival.  “Captain Stratosphere” Jack McGraw and scientist Dorothy “Doc” Starr lead Bronx mechanic Carl “Rivets” Holloway, Cherokee sharpshooter Charlie “Deadeye” Dalton, and Indian comms officer Marissa “Cipher” Singh on a dangerous journey from London to Rome, to Athens, to Cairo, before venturing deep into the Nile Valley to an ancient city of gold, buried by the Eastern Desert for centuries.  A city filled with temples to Set, where Maria Blutig, she-wolf of the Silver Star, prepares to summon a soul-eating demon from the netherworld.  Can our heroes track down the Percival and rescue Duke and his crew before time runs out?

Most of the original cast of the Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures returns for a four-episode saga of two-fisted heroism, mystery and intrigue!  Each volume contains two half-hour episodes in the style of vintage pulp radio serials, including a sponsor and plenty of crackle!  Now available on compact disc from Amazon!


If you don’t care about CD artwork and packaging, and would rather save some time and money, AEGIS Tales Radio Adventures are also available via direct download from our affiliate at DriveThru Fiction!


Although the first four episodes of the AEGIS Tales radio adventure anthology has been available streaming and on CD, they are now available for direct download for a steal of a price!

CROPPED_CD_BOOKLET_OUTSIDE_IMAGECROPPED_CD_BOOKLET_OUTSIDE_IMAGE2Volume 1 features the costumed vigilante side of the setting with the episodes “The Gunshade” and “The Scarlet Wraith”, while Volume 2 looks at the occult side of things with the episodes “The Holland Agency” and “Curse of the Jade Demon”.  These titles can be purchased directly from at the low price of $5 for each 2-episode, hour-long volume.  If you’re a completist and must have the physical CDs, they are still available on Amazon.  But for those who don’t need the packaging of the discs and just want to grab and go, the DriveThruFiction volumes are for you.

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