Valley of the Mist

What happens when an Italian archaeologist working for AEGIS crashes her balloon in a remote valley in the Congo, with only a 16th century Portuguese map between her crew and their certain doom? Throw in a heavy Silver Star presence and dinosaurs roaming the valley floor, and you get some good old fashioned two-fisted pulp adventure! The new supplement for the Airship Daedalus retro-pulp roleplaying game is a setting and mission resource, in softcover booklet form (like the AEGIS Field Manual). Its slim 36 pages are crammed with setting information, history, NPCs, maps, and mission briefings. And if you purchase the softcover edition on one of the OneBookshelf sites (,, you get the PDF edition for FREE – and that includes separate, full-size, print-ready versions of the maps!

Join Dr. Maria Caruso and her team in the hidden Valley of the Mist!


ISBN 978-0-9981989-1-0

$6.95 softcover (includes PDF + map pack download FREE) /$3.95 PDF + map pack

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