Interplanetary Guidebook

Rockets and Rayguns and Martians… OH MY! The official AEGIS Interplanetary Guidebook is a resource for Airship Daedalus players and GMs who want to add some sword-and-planet derring do to their pulp adventure.  Find out what happened back in 1894 to cause the collision of the Space Age with the Jazz Age!


  • New Worlds!
    Hollow Moon – Venus – Mars – Planet X
  • Alien Species!
    Selenite – Lunari – Red Martian – many more!
  • Alien Creatures!
  • New Vehicles & Weapons!
    including rockets, saucers and 21 types of raygun!
  • New NPCs!
    including space pirates and Nazi werewolves!
  • Much More!
    Alien PC rules – Mission briefings – Planetary maps

DSV1205 / 92 pages, full color, 8.5×11 / ISBN 978-0-9981989-2-7

Purchase the AEGIS Interplanetary Guidebook in hardcover and PDF

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