A.E.G.I.S. Vigilante Team Resource Guide

This book is for the ordinary people who stand up to evil…
Whether it be disguised as crime in the streets, or eldritch terrors from another dimension…
This is for the teams of capes and masks…
The costumed avengers, the vigilantes!

This supplement is for Airship Daedalus RPG players and GMs who want to add some masked crimefighting adventure into their campaigns.


• Background & pulp references forthe vigilante archetype
• “Shticks” element to add to play
• 16 new vehicles, 33 new weapons& gadgets
• 24 sample headquarters & secret lairs
• 14 Team profiles, including 58 fully-statted npcs!
• 3 new mission briefings

Download includes screen-rez version of the book, plus a printer-friendly version without backgrounds.

DSV1206 / 80 pages, full color, 5.5×8.5 / 978-0-9981989-3-4

PDF includes full color screen version, plus printer-friendly (no backgrounds) version.

Order the softcover print edition and receive the download for a buck.

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