New Novel Coming Soon!

Cover art not final until release

Airship Daedalus: Legend of the Savage Isle follows the continuing adventures of your favorite AEGIS aeronauts in the spring and summer of 1927. The tale begins where The Golden City left off, with the Daedalus in need of a mechanic and the Percival without her crew. The airships recruit and re-fit in Egypt, intervening in a tribal revolt and brutal military response in Kenya, encountering a seemingly indestructible native defender. Following the last known trajectory of the Osiris and Luftpanzer, the two crews head east, fighting Silver Star forces in a Bombay market, chasing through the streets of Bangkok, and outrunning storms over the Indian Ocean. Their path leads them to Manila, then out across the South Pacific, pushing the limits of their small ships’ endurance.

Joining forces with a submarine captain who claims to be the granddaughter of an infamous Indian rebel, the combined crews of the Daedalus and Percival must intervene to save the innocent natives of a remote tropical island from the depredations of Maria Blutig and the Silver Star.

The latest volume in the AEGISverse continues the tradition of merging alternate history with pulp sci-fi adventure and horror, even bringing in elements of classic adventure tales by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Legend of the Savage Isle by AEGISverse creator Todd Downing is now in the editing phase, with an anticipated May release.

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