Update from the AEGISverse!

Greetings, field agents! Just a quick note to check in and give you an update of all things Daedalus.

Right now, The Golden City is on sale on Amazon for only $6.87 for the print edition, and if you buy that, you get the Kindle version FREE. A great way to get caught up before the new novel releases on May 6th!

Speaking of which, Legend of the Savage Isle is now available for preorder from Amazon, and will be available in print and ebook versions at all the usual online retailers. Once again, this new novel drops on May 6th!

Post production continues on the Assassins of the Lost Kingdom audiobook, and we’ve been talking with a producer in Los Angeles about doing audiobooks for the other three novels in the series. More on the audiobook front as it happens!

A quick note on novel series numbering: some of our readers may have an early version of the first three books, in which A Shield Against the Darkness, Assassins of the Lost Kingdom, and The Golden City were given the numbers 0, 1, and 2, respectively. Unfortunately, most online retailers would not allow a boxed set with a #0 attached, thus we had to renumber the series, despite Assassins being published before Darkness. It made more sense to apply numbering in story order rather than publication order. The official numbering is now A Shield Against the Darkness #1, Assassins of the Lost Kingdom #2, The Golden City #3, and Legend of the Savage Isle #4

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