MBSCD101_sBased on the pulp adventure comics by Todd Downing and Brian Beardsley, the Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures harken back to the days of classic radio serials, including two-fisted heroics, suspense, romance and intrigue. Each volume contains two half-hour episodes, complete with a commercial sponsor and plenty of vintage crackle!  Available on CD from Amazon, or downloadable in MP3 format from DriveThruFiction.

You can also stream the episodes here!

Based on characters and stories created by Todd Downing

Written & produced by Todd Downing
Directed by Scott C. Brown

Jack – Matt Shimkus
Doc – Angela DiMarco
Duke, Various – David S. Hogan
Rivets, Various – Scott C. Brown
Deadeye, Louis – Conner Marx
Maria, Various – Caerley Hill
Ecke, Various – Luke Amundson
Alanna, Various – Trish Loyd
Announcer, Crowley, Stede – Brian Lewis
Salyer, Various – Dan Heinrich
Narrator – Todd Downing

Editor – Todd Downing
Original Score – Catherine Grealish
Solo Trumpet – Samantha Boshnack
Recording Engineer – Andy Dopieralski
Packaging Design – Todd Downing

Recorded at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
in Seattle, WA in September 2012

The creators of the Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures are back with more thrilling tales from the expanded Daedalus universe! Spun from the fictional pulp magazine AEGIS Tales and sponsored by the fictional Gold Star line of household and hygiene products, AEGIS Tales brings to life unique characters from a bygone era that never was, with plenty of vintage radio crackle…

Written, produced & directed by Todd Downing

Gunshade, Announcer – Brian Lewis
Scarlet Wraith – Tom Brophy
Jim Holland – Caleb Long
Mandy Hart – Kim Watts
Danny Long – S. Joe Downing
Jean Gordon – Emilie Rommel Shimkus
Oscar Morgan, Deadeye, Col. Shaw – Shawn Shelton
Sgt. Peterson, Caligari, Sir Harold, various – Luke Amundson
Mrs. Benetti, Wu Yao, Maria Blutig, Cipher, various – Caerley Hill
Salyer, Masciarelli, Announcer, various – Todd Downing
Hostess – Raechelle Downing
Jack McGraw – Matt Shimkus
Doc Starr – Angela DiMarco
Rivets – Scott C. Brown
Duke – David S. Hogan
Marina Stavros – Wonder Russell
Fotios – Sean McShane

Recorded at Tir Na Fonn
in Port Orchard, WA in Summer/Fall 2015

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