AEGIS Tales – A Retro Pulp Anthology

AEGIS Tales – A Retro Pulp Anthology Eight authors. Ten stories. A world of possibilities.

The AEGISverse just got a lot bigger.

Based on the setting and characters of Airship Daedalus, A.E.G.I.S. Tales collects exciting new works of fiction written in the style of the pulps from the 1920s & ‘30s.

Thrill to the adventures of stunt pilot Wanda “Wings” Jensen, ghost hunters Jim Holland & Mandy Hart, undead prizefighter John Mabry, The Gunshade - ghostly scourge of the Underworld,
psychic detective David Li, secret agent Brandeleine Reed, tech-spy Felix Fogarty, ex-rocketeer Alyssa Swanson, Italian archaeologist Maria Caruso, and South-Central LA whiz kid Ada Mesmer!

Enjoy tales of supernatural horror, hard-boiled mystery, super-science, and two-fisted heroic adventure in this anthology of spine-tingling retro pulp fiction!

$3.99 ebook / $13.95 softcover

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It don't come more hard-boiled than this!

This fine retro anthology gets it right. I particularly enjoyed "Last Call for a Ghost" by James Stubbs. It hits all the right buttons - mobsters, dangerous hero, intrepid girl detective, and a touch of supernatural creepiness. Outstanding!
Alison Loris
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