The Golden City

The Golden City (Airship Daedalus Book 3)
By Todd Downing

A lost airship. A buried city. A new threat.

April, 1927 finds adventurer-pilot Jack McGraw and occult expert Dorothy "Doc" Starr extracting a priceless Celtic artifact from a long-sealed tomb on a windswept Scottish island.

Following a shootout with Silver Star commandos and a desperate dogfight into the eye of a storm, the airship Daedalus limps back to London - only to discover a former crewmate has gone missing, along with his own airship and its crew!

Using nothing but a few scant clues and their own wits, Jack, Doc and the Daedalus crew must locate the airship Percival and their old friend "Duke", encountering myriad dangers along the way - and culminating in a chaotic battle through ancient ruins beneath the Egyptian desert.

Based on the Airship Daedalus comic strip by Todd Downing and Brian Beardsley, The Golden City is book #3 in the Airship Daedalus saga, and a sequel to ASSASSINS OF THE LOST KINGDOM by E.J. Blaine.

It's a retro-pulp action yarn in which mages, mad science, secret societies, occult threats, and lost worlds meet globe-trotting, sky-high aerial action and two-fisted heroism, like the pulp novels of old!

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Fast moving, exciting adventure with great characters!

The whole Airship Daedalus series combines classic swashbuckling adventure with characters you come to know in the best tradition of serial storytelling. Looking forward to seeing where Captain Stratosphere & crew go next to fight the evil Silver Star!
Ralph Fontaine
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