The Golden City

The Golden City A lost airship. A buried city. A new threat.

April, 1927 finds adventurer-pilot Jack McGraw and occult expert Dorothy "Doc" Starr extracting a priceless Celtic artifact from a long-sealed tomb on a windswept Scottish island.

Following a shootout with Silver Star commandos and a desperate dogfight into the eye of a storm, the airship Daedalus limps back to London - only to discover a former crewmate has gone missing, along with his own airship and its crew!

Using nothing but a few scant clues and their own wits, Jack, Doc and the Daedalus crew must locate the airship Percival and their old friend "Duke", encountering myriad dangers along the way - and culminating in a chaotic battle through ancient ruins beneath the Egyptian desert.

Based on the Airship Daedalus comic strip by Todd Downing and Brian Beardsley, The Golden City is book #2 in the Airship Daedalus saga, and a sequel to ASSASSINS OF THE LOST KINGDOM by E.J. Blaine.

It's a retro-pulp action yarn in which mages, mad science, secret societies, occult threats, and lost worlds meet globe-trotting, sky-high aerial action and two-fisted heroism, like the pulp novels of old!

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