2011 collector card by Brian Beardsley & Todd Downing

Edward “Duke” Willis is the dashing English officer archetype, part Prince Barin from Flash Gordon, a bit of Joseph Sullivan from Sky Captain, and plenty of David Niven.

Starting his military career in munitions and demolitions as an engineer, Willis was wounded in the first Battle of the Somme, and was sidelined to support duties, where he picked up a talent for radio operations and communications technology.

He remained in the Royal Army after the war, taking an assignment in London before being recruited by Doc to serve as the radio operator on the Daedalus in 1925. Duke resigned his military commission and came to AEGIS as a war veteran and military operations expert, and eventually received a command posting as commander of the airship Percival.

He’s a driven officer who has witnessed much horror, and whose worldview is shifting away from empire and toward a brighter and freer future.