2020 concept art by Todd Downing

Dhakiya “Sparks” Kitur is an airplane mechanic from Mombasa, the daughter of a Kikuyu chief.  Although she’d fixed and maintained dozens of aircraft prior to signing on with AEGIS, she’d never flown before taking off in the LR3-01 Daedalus.

Orphaned during the bloody suppression of a worker revolt at the hands of British colonial soldiers which left her home village in ruins, Dhakiya was rescued by the crew of the Daedalus, who she eventually embraced as her new family. Within months of replacing Rivets as chief mechanic, Sparks had improved the engine dynamo output by 10%, using magnets placed within the gyroscopic mechanism. She also created a heating system to keep the gas ballonets on the LR3 from collapsing in arctic temperatures.

She possesses a driving curiosity and innate technical aptitude, able to diagnose and fix just about any technical problem in very little time.

Serving as the chief mechanic of the LR3-01 Daedalus from 1927 onward, Sparks has been to nearly every place on the globe, and has had many adventures.